CambridgeSide Mall

Project Name:
Commercial Retail Mall Space

CambridgeSide Mall, Cambridge, MA

Type of Project:
Commercial Space Transformation

Services provided:
Architectural painting redesign of existing space

Products Used:
Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Eggshell Base
Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Flat

Description of Project:

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is proud to present the completion of a commercial space transformation project located in the heart of CambridgeSide Mall, Cambridge, MA. Previously occupied by Starbucks, the redesigned space required a fresh, revitalizing look to cater to the new intended use. 

Capitalizing on our proficiency in architectural painting redesign, we employed a broad palette of vibrant colors to breathe new life into the space. Our expert team worked meticulously over a period of three days to realize this transformation, employing an extensive range of high-quality products, including Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Eggshell Base and Flat. 

Our aim was to create an atmosphere that was not only visually striking but also inviting and comfortable for its occupants. The redesign was a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality, intended to both inspire the individuals who work there and appeal to mall visitors. 

We worked closely with our client throughout the process to ensure the end product met their expectations and vision for the space. The result is a space that seamlessly blends into the commercial retail mall environment, yet stands distinct with its unique color scheme and design elements.

Project Photos: