FAQs About Commercial & Industrial Painting

  • What’s the difference between residential and commercial painting companies?

The difference between residential and commercial painting companies is that commercial painters boast a wide range of industrial and commercial painting training, knowledge, and experience that traditional residential painters do not. They also work during off-hours so your business can remain open during the day and understand the specialized paint coating necessary for different applications

  • What’s the best way to find a Boston commercial painting company?

Some of the best ways to find a reliable commercial painter in Boston or New England are by word of mouth, searching online reviews, and stopping by job sites that match your facility if you see commercial painters working and asking them for their information.

  • What are some good questions to ask potential commercial painting companies?

Request a formal proposal from potential painting companies based on the project and your budget that includes the timeline or staging process. Ask if they can recommend specialized coats for your facility and whether they have a color consultant.

  • What are the common pricing practices of a reliable commercial painter?

A detailed quote should include the price and how it’s broken down based on labor and materials. More detailed quotes will include the project goal, the brand and grade of paint being used, a description of pre and post-cleaning, their license number and insurance information, and a written parts-and-labor warranty.

  • What should I look for in a reliable commercial painting warranty?

A comprehensive commercial painting warranty will include a parts-and-labor warranty of at least one year minimum (as most paints begin to fail after six months) and a clearly outlined process of how the warranty job is processed. This means that it should explain, should you need any repainting or other touch-ups done, how this will be executed and the timeline for it.

  • How should I get commercial painting references?

As previously mentioned reviews online are great things to refer to when searching for a commercial painting company. Looking on LinkedIn is also recommended. Other ways to get references are by asking the company for references for past projects, before and after photos of previous commercial/industrial jobs, and inquiring whether they have any case studies handy of completed commercial painting projects.

  • How can I be certain they’re licensed, insured, and following the proper safety protocols?

When it comes to licensing and insurance, ask potential commercial painters for proof of both. This should include an insurance certificate that ensures their policy is up-to-date (if there’s no date or indication that their insurance policy is currently in force, this should raise red flags and you should investigate further). Additionally, they should have a general contractor’s license in addition to a commercial painting license and be able to provide you with their license numbers for both. As for safety, ask for any safety certifications they may boast and how they enforce safety training, and the safety procedures they take on-site while working.