Hire a Painter By-the-Day for Your Commercial and Industrial Needs

Let us help you schedule one of Cole Painting’s Painter By-the-Day to have a leader in the commercial painting industry complete your project in a day. The Painter By-the-Day program allows potential clients to quickly schedule smaller projects without the need for a lengthy contract and bidding process. We easily price our services to allow customers to quickly execute small commercial painting projects and hire a painter for a day. Even if you strongly suspect your project will take more than eight hours, that is no problem! Our program can be used for projects spanning multiple days. Each pre-scheduled day (maximum of 8 hours) is charged a flat rate of $500 plus the cost of materials and equipment.

Ideal Projects for Cole Painting’s Painter By-the-Day Program:

  • Painting offices, hallways, lobby, common areas and stairs
  • Touch-up painting or repaints (walls, ceilings, doors or door frames)
  • Smaller Tenant Interior (TI) projects
  • Touch-Up Interior or Exterior projects
  • And More! We can discuss your specific project needs.

What’s Included When You Hire a Painter By-the-Day?

  • One (1) of Cole Painting’s skilled painters; additional painters will be billed at the same rate.
  • All painting equipment needed to complete the job such as ladders and hand tools.
  • Up to eight (8) hours of quality painting services paid upon completion.

Contact Us for a Free Quote on Commercial and Industrial Painting and Coating Services and Hire a Painter for a Day

If you have a project that calls for top-quality industrial painting contractors, we’re here to make it happen. Contact our team at Arthur Cole Painting for a free quote on your next project and hire a painter by-the-day.