Our Industrial Painting & Coating Solutions

Since 1960, Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has been dedicated to bringing the best industrial painting services across New England. We work with your company to understand your working environment and then match it to the perfect industrial paint solutions to meet your New England industrial coating needs.

Our Comprehensive Industrial Coating Painting & Painting Coating Services

With the industrial painting and coating services from Arthur Cole Painting Corporation, you can reduce your maintenance costs, minimize corrosion, and more. As one of the leading industrial coating companies in Massachusetts, our team combines the most advanced technology available today with decades of experience to provide a wide range of painting and protective coatings across all industrial sectors.

Our services include:

  • Pipeline Coatings: We offer pipeline coatings for above-ground pipelines to minimize corrosion and help you remain in compliance.
  • Tank Coatings: The tank coatings from Arthur Cole Painting Corporation are designed to extend the lifespan of your exterior tanks by providing abrasion-resistant and long-duration exterior coatings.
  • High-Temperature Coating Systems: For industrial clients with high-temperature equipment, our team can protect your machinery and minimize downtime with our corrosion-resistant, high-temperature coatings. We can install specialized coatings to suit your needs, such as urethanes, epoxies, ceramic coatings, and more.
  • Architectural & Industrial Painting: We also offer general architectural, industrial coating, anti-slip coating, floor coating, and industrial painting services to help your facility look its best.

Why Choose Arthur Cole Painting Corporation as Your Industrial Painting Contractor?

When you trust us as your industrial painting and industrial coatings contractor in New England, you’ll be privy to over a half-century of industrial painting and coating experience. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with many well-established properties and have built long-lasting relationships with all our clients, helping them bring their facilities up to modern standards with industrial coatings in New England.

The team from Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is:

  • Safe: All our team members have received extensive safety training. We’re equipped to address any safety concerns immediately and adhere to your requirements and any code compliance needs.
  • Experienced: We’ve been operating for over 60 years, meaning we have an extensive track record working with industrial properties throughout New England and have developed a reputation for providing efficient, effective services.
  • Efficient: At Arthur Cole Painting Corporation, we take all of the necessary prep work involved to complete your painting project in the quickest manner possible.
  • Certified: All our staff is trained and certified to meet industry standards. Additionally, we also employ certified inspectors to review and ensure that every project we complete is within regulations and adheres to your specific standards.

Contact Us for a Free Quote on Industrial Painting and Coating Services

If you have a project that calls for top-quality industrial painting contractors, we’re here to make it happen. Contact our team at Arthur Cole Painting for a free quote on your next industrial coatings project in New England.