Dell Inc

Project Name:
Dell Inc.

Hopkinton, MA. Boston

Type of Project:
Common Area in Commercial Building Interior

Services provided:
Painted corridors, Stairs, Cafeterias

Description of Project:

Commercial properties are our specialty. Our customer requested that we take advantage of off-hours to paint corridors, stairs, cafeterias and other heavily used common areas. We strive to keep our client’s employees and tenants in a clean and refreshed environment, without the inconvenience of an unsightly project.

We were tasked by Dell Inc. to revitalize the common areas of their commercial property located in Hopkinton, MA, near Boston. Recognizing the critical role these spaces play in fostering a positive work environment, we were eager to tackle the challenge.

Our project focused on enhancing the visual appeal and atmosphere of the building’s corridors, stairs, and cafeterias. These areas, frequented by employees and tenants alike, were in need of a refresh to maintain the professional and inviting ambiance of the premises.

To minimize disruption to the daily operations, we strategically planned to execute the project during off-hours. This approach allowed us to deliver on our commitment to providing a clean and refreshed environment without hindering business productivity or creating unsightly construction zones during working hours.

Our team used high-quality, durable paint, selected for its aesthetic appeal and longevity. They meticulously prepped each area to ensure a smooth and flawless finish, demonstrating our attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

The result was a significant transformation of the common areas that now exude a refreshed atmosphere. The project was a testament to our specialty in commercial properties, and the positive feedback from our client reinforced our ability to deliver high-quality results in challenging circumstances.

Project Photos: