Project Name:
FW Webb

Lewiston, ME

Type of Project:
Industrial coating repair for structural steel

Services provided:
Applying steel structure primer after manufacturer’s primer failed

Products Used:
Corotech Universal Metal Primer

Description of Project:

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation successfully completed an industrial coating repair project for FW Webb’s new large warehouse building in Lewiston, ME. The project originated due to a manufacturing failure that compromised the protective primer on the warehouse’s structural steel. The failure was detected upon the arrival of the steel, which required an immediate solution to avoid potential deterioration.

Our dedicated team sprung into action, initiating the repair process by grinding the steel to create an effective profile for the new primer application. The grinding process was undertaken to ensure that the surface was prepared appropriately, thereby maximizing the adhesion of the primer.

Subsequently, we applied a new coating of primer using Benjamin Moore’s Corotech Universal Metal Primer, a product renowned for its excellent adhesion and rust-inhibiting properties. This product was chosen specifically for its proven reliability in safeguarding steel structures against the detrimental effects of environmental elements.

Throughout the project, Arthur Cole Painting Corporation upheld its commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship, professional integrity, and customer satisfaction. The successful execution of the FW Webb project underscores our capacity to effectively address and resolve regionwide industrial coating challenges, affirming our position as a leading specialist in the field.

Project Photos: