Transformer painting

Project Name:
Transformer painting

Ludlow, MA

Description of Project:

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation undertook an ongoing project of repainting industrial transformers. The endeavor aims to enhance the lifespan of the equipment, safeguard them against corrosive elements, and ensure they remain in good working condition for optimum power generation.

The project began with a thorough inspection of the transformer to determine the extent of corrosion damage and areas in need of particular attention. This was followed by a meticulous cleaning process using high-pressure washing techniques, removing grime, oil, and corrosion from the transformer’s surfaces.

Once the transformer was dry, the team used hand and power tools to remove any residual rust or deteriorated coating that wasn’t eliminated during the washing process. An essential part of this stage was to safeguard the equipment’s sensitive areas, preventing any unintentional damage.

Next came the painting stage, where the Arthur Cole team applied a specialized, high-quality, anti-corrosive primer. This layer was key to protecting the transformer from further rusting and corrosion. After the primer had adequately dried, multiple layers of weather-resistant industrial enamel paint were applied. This coating provided an additional protective layer against environmental elements and physical wear and tear.

The project was executed under stringent safety measures and regulations, with the team diligently following industry-standard protocols. This ensured not just the optimal restoration of the transformer, but also the safety and well-being of all personnel involved. This is an ongoing project and we will continue to work with transformers.

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation showcased our extensive experience in this project, painting the transformer to help maximize its service life and ensure power generation requirements were continuously met. By employing their specialized skills and painting knowledge, we successfully restored the industrial transformer to its peak operational state, once again reinforcing our leading position for industrial coatings and commercial painting.

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