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5 Top Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating


Top 5 Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

When it comes to concrete flooring, there’s no shortage of coating and paint options out there. However, depending on your facility’s needs, not all of them will make the cut when it comes to functionality and durability. For those looking for the most durable option, epoxy floor coating is often recommended due to its versatility and resistance.

Here the team from Arthur Cole Painting Corporation wanted to highlight some of the top benefits of epoxy flooring.

1. Appearance

One of the foremost benefits of epoxy floor coating is that it can provide your facility with a great appearance. You can add different colors and textures to create a unique, classic, or modern style. Additionally, adding decorative chips can also boost traction making your floor safer and more aesthetically appealing.

2. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Epoxy floor coatings require minimal maintenance over time and would not require re-applications as frequently as other flooring alternatives. Also, it can be applied directly onto your concrete, meaning that installation is simple and easy, as well as economical when compared with alternative flooring options.

3. Enhanced Resistance

An epoxy floor coating provides great resistance in a variety of situations. It’s designed for extreme environments and is durable enough to handle shocks, and exposure to chemicals, water, and extreme heat. It’s also resistant to germs and bacteria, making it a good choice for everything from hospitals to food-processing plants.

4. Durability

With such a strong chemical bond, epoxy floor coatings offer durability simply not available in other flooring options. If installed by professionals, an epoxy floor can last upwards of several decades before it needs to be replaced. There’s no wear and tear like cracking or peeling over the years and it retains its appearance with the proper maintenance.

5. Enhanced Safety

As previously mentioned, additives are frequently added to epoxy floor coatings to increase traction. However, it also offers other safety benefits as it can be installed in different patterns to create walkways and hazard zones. Epoxy floor coating will also increase light reflectivity, making your floors easier to see for staff and visitors.

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