January 9

Holiday shutdowns- A great time to paint common areas and manufacturing space!


Holiday Shutdowns – A Great Time To Paint Common Areas & Manufacturing Space

When there are scheduled shut-down periods, frequently around holiday times, this is a great time to complete facility maintenance and painting projects. Our paint team at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is ready to be scheduled and is very experienced in completing projects during these periods!

Typically we see requests for high-impact areas, and areas that have too many people on normal periods to complete painting and related work, including common areas, lobby work, and in manufacturing and industrial settings, areas that are operational and cannot be impacted for most of the year – Shutdown schedules and holiday periods are the best times to tackle these sensitive areas.

In coordination with shutdown periods, holidays prove to be another excellent time to hire a painting professional to paint your business.

Hiring a commercial painting company during a shutdown period will:

Facility maintenance
  • Save money due to more ease of accessibility, space availability, and access which can have a positive impact on your business
  • Allow for more scheduling flexibility within the work spaces
  • Helps project completion with few interruptions
  • Boost company morale and productivity with a clean bright space
  • Prevent employee downtime for those sensitive to paint odors
  • When you have a shutdown period, or holiday schedule, consider contacting our Scheduling Team at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation.
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