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Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Properties: Part 1


Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Properties: Part 1

Choosing the perfect color for the exterior of your commercial property is an important decision that can significantly impact how your business is perceived. While some may view this as a purely aesthetic choice, the reality is that the color of a building can communicate a lot about your brand, its identity, and the services you provide. Here is Part 1 of some of the key considerations when selecting the best colors for your commercial property when getting commercial painting.

Factors to Consider When Painting Your Property

The first step to selecting the perfect paint color is understanding the various factors that should influence your decision. These factors include brand guidelines and identity, the local surroundings, color psychology, and the appearance of similar buildings. Additionally, reviewing paint samples and getting advice from professionals can also be highly beneficial.

Brand Guidelines and Identity

Your brand’s color scheme plays a crucial role in defining your company’s identity. If your brand has specific colors associated with it, incorporating these colors into your building’s exterior can reinforce brand recognition and consistency. On the other hand, if your brand colors do not translate well to architecture, it may be wise to choose neutral or complementary colors that still reflect your brand’s personality.

Local Surroundings and Neighborhood

The local surroundings and neighborhood of your property can also heavily influence your color choice. If your building is in a historical or residential area, you may want to select colors that blend with the surrounding buildings and environment. Alternatively, in a commercial district, bold colors might help your building stand out from the crowd.

Check Other Similar Buildings

Looking at other buildings in your industry can provide useful insights when selecting your color scheme. Pay attention to the colors used by successful businesses similar to yours. However, while it’s helpful to understand industry trends, it’s also important to differentiate your property and brand from others.

Color Psychology

Color psychology refers to the study of how colors influence human behavior and emotions. For instance, blue is often associated with trust and reliability, whereas green can symbolize nature and tranquility. Understanding color psychology can help you choose colors that evoke the feelings you want associated with your brand.

Review Samples

Before making a final decision, it’s important to review paint samples in various lighting conditions. Colors can look very different under natural sunlight compared to artificial light and can also change appearance in different weather conditions. It’s always a good idea to test out a few options before making a final decision.

Contact Arthur Cole Painting Corporation for Commercial Painting Services

Once you have an idea of the color scheme you’d like for your property, reach out to Arthur Cole Painting Corporation. With decades of experience in commercial painting services, we can provide professional advice, guide you through the process, and ensure a high-quality finish that will truly represent your brand. 

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