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Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Properties: Part 2


Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Properties: Part 2

Choosing the right color to paint the exterior of a commercial property is no small task. It goes beyond aesthetics – the color of your property can impact the perception of your business, attract customers, and even influence mood. Here are the best colors for different types of commercial properties when you get commercial painting services.

Best Colors for Retail Buildings

For retail buildings, the objective is to attract foot traffic and create a welcoming vibe. Bright and bold colors often work well, particularly in high-traffic urban areas. Reds, yellows, and oranges are energetic colors that can draw attention, while blues and greens can convey trust and calm. The key is to align the color with the brand’s personality. For instance, a children’s toy store might opt for bright, fun colors while a high-end boutique might choose more subdued, elegant tones.

Choosing the Right Color for an Industrial Building

Industrial buildings, including factories and workshops, usually opt for neutral colors like whites, grays, and beiges. These colors not only help maintain a professional look but also tend to be more resistant to showing dirt and grime. A pop of color can be added to doors, trim, or signage to create a unique identity without compromising the overall aesthetic.

Hotel Colors and Paints

Hotel exteriors need to express the brand and the kind of experience guests can expect inside. Luxury hotels often choose classic colors like white, black, or deep blue, which evoke sophistication and exclusivity. For boutique hotels in urban or artistic districts, bolder colors might be chosen to stand out and reflect the local vibe. Coastal or resort hotels might use lighter blues, greens, or earth tones to blend with the natural surroundings.

Exterior Warehouse Color Options

Warehouses typically go for practical over trendy. Light colors such as white or light gray are popular for their ability to reflect sunlight, reducing the amount of heat the building absorbs and thus saving on cooling costs. Additionally, these colors tend not to show wear and tear as quickly as darker colors. However, the warehouse doors or company logos can be painted in a more vibrant color to create a distinctive look.

Colors for Your Office Building

The color of an office building can impact the mood and productivity of the employees inside and give a first impression to clients or customers. Light blues and greens are often chosen for their calming and focusing effects. Neutral tones like gray, taupe, and white are also popular for a professional and modern look. More adventurous companies might choose a bold accent color to reflect their brand’s creativity and innovation.

Choosing an Exterior Color for a Restaurant

The exterior color of a restaurant can set the tone for the dining experience. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can stimulate appetite and convey a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, cooler tones like blues and greens might be chosen for seafood restaurants or health-focused eateries. Again, the key is to align the color with the restaurant’s brand and the cuisine being served.

Contact Arthur Cole Painting Corporation to Get a Quote for Commercial Painting

Choosing the right color for your commercial property is crucial, but so is finding the right professionals to do the job. The Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has years of experience in commercial painting and can provide expert advice on color selection, in addition to delivering high-quality painting services. Contact us to get a quote for your commercial painting project.


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