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Factors That Influence Commercial Painting Costs


The cost of a commercial painting project can range significantly depending on the size and scope of the job. When a business owner is budgeting and planning for a painting project, there are several key factors that will impact the overall cost. Let’s explore some of the main considerations when estimating costs for commercial painting services in Boston, MA.

Appearance of the Building

One major factor is the current appearance and condition of the building’s exterior. If the surfaces are worn down or the old paint is peeling and flaking, more prep work will be required before painting can begin. Exterior buildings often require extra steps like power washing before priming and painting. The more preparation needed, the higher the project costs will be.


The equipment required for the job also affects the price quote. Painting tall commercial buildings may necessitate renting or buying scaffolding or lift equipment so painters can safely reach all surfaces. This specialized equipment adds to the overall project expenses. The cost of renting, transporting, and operating equipment like lifts must be included in the estimate.

Scheduling the Project

Timing a commercial painting project also impacts costs. Painters often charge more for rush jobs that require finishing on a tight deadline. Accelerated timelines can mean bringing on additional crew members and paying overtime wages.

Number of Coats and Thickness

The specified paint system also drives cost. Applying multiple coats adds labor and material expenses. The quote has to account for the full product and application costs based on the customer’s specifications.

Preparation Work

The amount of surface preparation required is also a major cost factor. Cleaning and repairing damaged areas takes time and drives up labor costs. Additionally, priming bare wood or metal before painting adds extra materials to the project quote. Proper prep work is crucial for good adhesion and longevity, so this step can’t be a shortcut to save money.

Experience of the Painters

Hiring experienced commercial painters is crucial for achieving quality results. Look for companies that employ painters who are skilled in using sprayers and other equipment needed for large jobs. Experienced crews work efficiently together to prepare surfaces and apply paint properly. They understand techniques for successfully painting various commercial materials and challenging areas. Their expertise allows them to provide accurate quotes based on the project’s scope.

Location of the Building

The location of the commercial building is another cost factor. It’s more expensive for painters to work in dense urban areas due to parking costs, permits, and working around pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Rural projects may require extra travel time for the crew to reach the site. Be sure quotes accurately reflect any location-based factors that could increase painting costs.

Building Condition

Inspecting all sides of the building helps contractors evaluate its current condition for quoting. They need to check for deterioration, damage, or structural issues. Painters may recommend repairs to siding, trim, flashing, gutters etc. before starting. Necessary repairs add costs but save money in the long run by extending the life of the paint job. An accurate quote accounts for any essential fixes.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Painting Services in Boston, MA

When selecting commercial painters in Boston, get bids from established local contractors like Arthur Cole Painting Corporation. Look for licensed and insured companies with expertise in painting large commercial buildings. Check their reviews and ask for referrals from past clients. Make sure they use top-quality commercial-grade paints and equipment. Confirm they prepare surfaces thoroughly before painting. Reputable experienced commercial painters like Arthur Cole Painting Corporation provide high-quality painting services to meet any commercial project needs.

Contact Arthur Cole Painting Corporation to Request a Quote for Commercial Painting Services in Boston, MA.

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has delivered outstanding commercial painting services in Boston, MA for years. We work efficiently to minimize disruption to your business during commercial painting services in Boston, MA. Our experienced commercial painters and office painters in Boston, MA use top-quality products and advanced techniques to beautify your building and protect it from the elements. Contact us today to request a detailed quote for your upcoming commercial painting project in Boston!


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