February 10

Top Tips for Painting a Commercial Metal Building


Painting the exterior of a commercial metal building can seem like an intimidating task, but with the right preparation and materials, it can be accomplished successfully. Properly painting a metal building helps protect the structure from corrosion and weathering, while providing an updated, attractive appearance. Let’s go over some tips from an expert commercial painting contractor in Boston, MA for painting a metal commercial building.

Painting Different Types of Metal

The first step is identifying what type of metal panels or siding are on the building. Common types include galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It’s important to use paints formulated specifically for the metal type, as well as proper primers. For steel, an acrylic or urethane-based paint is often used. For aluminum, a high-quality acrylic latex or oil-based paint works well. Stainless steel typically uses a direct-to-metal acrylic latex paint.

Choosing Paint

When selecting a commercial metal paint, look for a coating that is corrosion resistant and provides maximum UV protection. The paint should be designed to expand and contract with the metal. A semi-gloss or satin finish is recommended over flat for best durability. Two-part epoxy or urethane paints also provide a durable finish.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is important for a long-lasting paint job on metal siding. Pressure washing is recommended to remove any dirt, grease, oil or other contaminants. Scrape off any loose, flaking or peeling paint. Sand areas down to bare metal if needed. Wipe clean with a degreaser and ensure the surface is fully dry before priming or painting.


For best adhesion and corrosion resistance, a primer specifically made for metal should be applied first. For severely rusted areas, a rust-inhibiting primer is a must before applying your finish coat.

Choosing a Color

When selecting a color for a commercial building, lighter tones are often preferable because they expand and contract less than darker colors. Lighter colors also reflect heat better. Be sure to choose a color formulated for metal buildings that has the UV resistance needed for exterior application.

Why Choose Arthur Cole Painting Corporation?

With over years of experience painting commercial structures in the Boston area, the professionals at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation have the expertise to handle any metal painting project. We use top-quality products and meticulous techniques to deliver long-lasting results. Our commercial painters can match any color scheme, and we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Contact Arthur Cole Painting Corporation to Request a Quote from a Commercial Painting Contractor in Boston, MA.

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