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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Exterior Painting Project


The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Next Exterior Painting Project

The exterior of your office or shop makes an important first impression on any visitor. Be it potential clients or customers, everybody will be impressed by a clean and well-maintained building. Conversely, if your building looks dirty and shabby from the outside, you are likely to lose the chance of a good start with visitors. Sometimes, this bad first impression may even cost you new business.

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation lists the best practices to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of your exterior commercial painters’ services in this quick blog.

Plan to Perfection

The first step to a job well-done is a plan well-made. To maximize efficiency and minimize delays, you need to take all the factors, such as the scope of work, finances, personal expectations, etc., and correlate them to arrive at a solid plan. It is vital that you leave room for uncertainty while planning to make it foolproof. Once the plan is in place, adhere to it strictly and see how beautifully the project unfolds.

Know What Products You Want

A good way to ensure a quick and error-free exterior paint job is to choose and get the right products on the first attempt. Thus, it is critical that you finalize your colors and paint brands before your exterior commercial painters start their work.

Proper Prep is Key

Any experienced exterior commercial painter can vouch for the importance of prepping and priming. Before starting the painting job, it is important to prepare your walls to welcome the paint. Make sure to verify if your exterior commercial painters or contractors offer this service before you finalize your project with them.

Clear Communication Can Make All the Difference

Miscommunication is your worst enemy when it comes to exterior painting. Discuss your expectations, vision, budget, schedule, and all other relevant details with the painters. Also, make sure to give them timely feedback in case you have some reservations about their work.

Get Expert Exterior Commercial Painters

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation offers comprehensive industrial and commercial painting solutions. With over 60 years of service, you can trust us for delivering the best quality each time. Request a FREE quote!


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