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Why You Need to Switch to Writeable Walls


Why You Need To Switch To Writeable Walls

The world around us is fast changing. Gone are the days when chalkboards and whiteboards were the mainstream writing surfaces used for teaching and presentations. Nowadays, writeable walls are all the rage, and we can understand why.

Writeable walls, as the name suggests, are walls that are safe for writing, drawing, illustrating, and more! Whether you are looking to increase the writing and planning space in your office or trying to give your classroom an upgrade, writeable walls are a great idea for all kinds of themes.

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation, your nearby professional commercial painter and contractor company, lists the top reasons why writeable walls are so beneficial here!

Write Restriction Free

Imagine you are explaining a great breakthrough idea to your team. You are right in the middle of chalking out your plan on the whiteboard when you run out of space. Now, since you can’t erase any part of the plan for new ideas, lest you forget something important, you just have to carry on verbally. Wouldn’t that sour the flow?

What if we told you that you never have to be in this situation again? Sounds too good to be true. Well, writeable walls allow you to write to your heart’s content with their expansive space. You can even convert all four walls and enjoy an uninterrupted brainstorming session with your team, all thanks to this concept.

Healthier Alternative

On top of the benefits of efficiency and aesthetics, writeable walls are a much healthier alternative to chalkboards. High-quality paints from top dry-erase brands like IdeaPaint and WolfGordon’s Wink typically have low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and no strong odor, which means they are safe to apply in all kinds of spaces, from classrooms to offices. It will also help prevent excessive dust issues or dust spores in the air, thereby making writeable walls a safer option.

Enhance Your Interior

Who doesn’t want to give an effortless upgrade to their office interior without compromising on the efficiency of work? Getting professional painters to turn your regular walls into reusable whiteboards can do just the trick. Writeable walls can be made by applying a coat of writeable paint ofall kinds of colors and can seamlessly fit right into your interior like any other wall. You also do not have to worry about a messy appearance, as once you wipe away the writing, a writeable wall looks like a regular wall.

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