January 17

The Versatility of the Commercial Painter


The Versatility of The Commercial Painter

A commercial painter is not just a typical painter. Commercial painters take on larger and more complex jobs than a residential painter. Commercial Painting contractors have to be prepared and have the knowledge and experience to apply coatings to unusual substrates.

commercial painter

At Arthur Cole Painting our commercial painters pride themselves in these abilities including but not limited to:

  • Understanding substrates and their specific material applications
  • How to prepare these unusual surfaces to receive coating
  • Have the ability to create safe access to difficult to reach surfaces
  • The ability to provide accurate cost assessments
  • And, finally, skilled in the use of all equipment needed to perform the project successfully, and in budget

So you want to hire a painter but you’re unsure where to start? That’s where we come in. Arthur Cole Painting is equipped with the expertise to help take your commercial painting project to the next level.

Commercial Painting

These photos show an example of a recent multiple substrate commercial painting project completed by Arthur Cole Painting Corporation

commercial painter


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