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Six Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Painting Project Intact


6 Tips For Keeping Commercial Painting Project Intact

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Having the interior or exterior walls of your commercial building prepped, primed and painted properly is a building owner’s first step to investing in their property. The team at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation outlines six methods to maintain your commercial painting project.

Tip 1: Clean Your Walls Properly

A key component to maintaining your commercial building’s appearance is cleaning your walls properly. Ensure that you are dusting your walls before cleaning them. Use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment to carefully remove dust build-up.

After dusting your walls, use a cleaning solution to wipe them. It’s a good idea to test a small inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the paint. Taking these steps will prolong the lifespan of your commercial painting job.

Tip 2: Choose A Suitable Paint Type

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation’s professional painting team will guide you in choosing paint materials that are suitable for your building. If the space you need painted is a warehouse, we recommend more durable sheens that are easier to clean than a flat paint sheen would provide. Your office areas would be better off with a lower-sheen paint.

Tip 3: Keep Your Wall Finishes Protected from Damage

If you anticipate high traffic in your building, it’s crucial to safeguard your paint with the tools at your disposal. Utilizing door stops, for instance, will prevent doors from coming into contact with your walls, which can scratch and harm the paint. You can also install rubber bumpers or chair rails to preserve the integrity of the paint.

Tip 4: Pressure Wash Your Building

Our professional painting team offers facility maintenance services for painted and stained surfaces. Professional painting contractors also provide pressure cleaning services using water.  Pressure washing can be used to clean the interior of a factory or warehouse. Additionally, pressure washing can be used to clean the exterior of most buildings, non-carpeted floor surfaces, and stained areas such as decks.

Tip 5: Act Fast on Damage

Promptly addressing any damage to your painted surfaces can help prolong the need for repainting. By utilizing our warranty or by doing touch-up repairs yourself, and taking care of small issues such as removing or covering up cracks and chips, you can prolong the life of the paint on your walls.

Tip 6: Choose the Right Commercial Painting Company

A simple way to make paint maintenance less problematic is to ensure that it is done accurately from the beginning. Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is a trustworthy and reputable commercial painting contractor. We ensure your area is prepared, primed, and painted correctly and use high-quality, durable paints.

If you require commercial painting for your building, reach out to us and learn how you can get a quote on a professional painting service.


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