January 31

Tips for perfecting your Industrial Painting Project


Maintaining an industrial building’s paint is equally as important as it is for commercial buildings. Doing so keeps the areas looking clean and can even ensure workplace safety. Our team at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has compiled a list of tips to achieve the best results for your industrial painting project.

Schedule During Off-Peak of Shutdowns When Possible

When planning your painting job, it’s important to consider your operating hours. If it’s possible, schedule the painting during a period of low activity or closing. This will ensure minimal disruptions for your operations, with an added benefit of saving money. It becomes even more crucial to take into account the hours of operation. When you book an industrial painting service with us, any schedule with low activity will speed the project along, reducing costs associated with heavier traffic and employee facilities. And, just as important, the disruption to your operations will be minimal.

Choose A Good Quality Paint

An important recommendation made by all professional industrial painting contractors is to always choose high-quality paint products for your industrial building to ensure that the results last longer. Our painting team will examine your surfaces and recommend the appropriate paint based on the environmental conditions and expected level of wear and tear, as well as recommend our specialty finish for ample protection.

Budget For Annual Paint Job Maintenance

Budgeting for annual paint maintenance helps to ensure that you can hire qualified professional industrial painting contractors, including the ideal industrial coatings for different applications all around the facility. By planning for these expenses, you increase the likelihood of getting professional results from your maintenance tasks.

Schedule Repairs for Painted Floors

As painted floors in industrial buildings are often essential for safety reasons, regular touch-ups will be needed to keep the painted lines for wayfaring and other areas bright and conspicuous. It is important to use high-quality industrial paint that is formulated to resist heavy wear and tear.

If the floor in your facility is concrete and starting to crack, it’s worth considering industrial epoxy paint in your painting budget. The epoxy floor coatings our company specializes in are highly durable and a great option for maintaining flooring in industrial buildings that make use of heavy equipment. They provide a protective layer on the concrete that can withstand heavy machinery and objects, offering a smooth and glossy, customizable surface.

Hire A Professional Industrial Painting Company

Our professional industrial painting team at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation have the necessary licenses and insurance, including coverage for general liability and worker’s compensation. Our painting team also has the expertise to assist you in selecting the right types of products for your project.

We offer professional painting services for all types of businesses. If you require an industrial painting service, schedule a quote with our team today.


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