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What’s More Expensive: Commercial & Industrial Painting vs. Residential Painting?


What’s More Expensive: Commercial & Industrial Painting vs. Residential Painting?

In residential painting, the cost of painting your home is largely based on its square footage, whether it is an interior or exterior painting job, as well as parts and labor. Of course, with industrial painting and commercial painting, these things are also taken into account when providing an estimate. However, both are very different types of painting that require not only a different skill set, but different materials and project timelines.

That’s why the team of Worcester painters from Arthur Cole Painting Corporation wants to break it all down for you here.


What Makes Industrial/Commercial Painting and Residential Painting So Different Price-Wise?

One of the primary factors that make industrial and commercial painting projects differ so much in price is that commercial/industrial painting jobs have many more factors to consider that will add to the overall cost. For example, the size and scope of the project and the agreed-upon timeline. Additionally, industrial and commercial painting projects are often much larger (interior painting, industrial coating, exterior coating, equipment painting, etc.) and take much longer for painting professionals to thoroughly plan. The building type and facility location also affect the price.

Generally speaking, hourly wages are quite similar for both types of painting jobs. However, as you can see, the overall scope of work industrial and commercial painting projects require when compared to residential jobs is much different.


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How Does Exterior Painting Make Costs Rise?

Although interior industrial/commercial painting certainly needs to be done by a licensed professional because of specific hazards and challenges, exterior painters are exposed to heights as well as the elements. So, expect higher costs for some exterior painting services. Not only are painters placed at higher risk of injury, but exterior painting jobs, especially for commercial and industrial properties of multiple floors, require a host of safety materials. Some of the most common extra materials required for exterior painting jobs are safe scaffolding and ladders. In most cases, harnesses, aerial lift equipment also need to be used by the painting crew for harder-to-reach areas. It is easy to see why the cost is more extensive but well worth the price.


Contact us today for your industrial and commercial painting needs!

Since 1960, Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has been committed to delivering the best industrial painting services across New England. We work hard to understand your facility’s working environment, and then match our industrial and commercial painting solutions to meet your specific needs.

The industrial painting services our Worcester painters specialize in includes: pipeline coatings, tank coatings, high-temperature coating systems, and general architectural, industrial coating, anti-slip coating, and floor coating. For commercial facilities, we are equipped to provide painting for a variety of building types, employing today’s top commercial paint finishes and exterior coatings.

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