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Commercial Floor Coating Tips from Professional Painters


Commercial Floor Coating Tips from Professional Painters

Since most commercial facilities are not alike, it makes sense that when professional painters begin planning any commercial floor coating project, they consider every aspect of the job, from square footage to chemical and impact resistance to timelines.

That’s why the Massachusetts painting contractors from Arthur Cole Painting Corporation have collected some important things for you to consider here when it comes to commercial floor coating!

Tips For Commercial Floor Coating

Scheduling is Essential

Unlike residential floor coating, where a homeowner can easily prepare the area for coating in a day or so, commercial floor coating jobs require much more preparation and coordination. Some important considerations include allowing enough time to clear areas, and working with the painting contractor on scheduling the project with a minimal amount of interruptions to your daily business. This often means scheduling work for off-hours, or outside of peak business hours to make it easier on both staff and painters.

Give the Area to Be Coated a Thorough Inspection

Prior to the onset of your commercial floor coating job, it is important to carefully inspect the area that will be coated to ensure it has been properly cleared and there are no visible signs of floor damage such as mold, water damage, cracks, etc. These things may require repair before commercial painters can get to work.

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Choose the Right Coating

You may want to consult professionals for this stage as well as give it the proper research. Choosing the right coating for your facility flooring is essential. There are many different types out there, each with specific applications like slick-free floor coatings, and heavy-duty chemical coatings. Commercial enterprises that offer more industrial services may want to invest in a more durable, polyurea coating that prevents cracking and is also chemical-resistant. However, at this stage, it’s also important to take your budget into account to ensure you can afford such coating material.

Post Floor Coating Installation Maintenance

Once your Massachusetts painting contractors have completed their commercial floor coating job, it is important to take the proper steps to let your new floor coating dry before using your floor again. Depending on what coating you’ve had installed, there will be a strict drying time that will be needed for the floor to cure. Flooring that was coated with more heavy-duty materials, specifically ones in which large machinery operates or vehicles park will take longer to cure. Generally speaking, most commercial floor coating systems take from 18-24 hours to completely dry and cure. Another day should also be left in between installing equipment or heavy vehicles.

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